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Posted on: 2019-08-18

Free $$$ From Wesson “Natural” Cooking Oil Class Action Settlement!

If you want free samples from Wesson ‘Natural’ Cooking Oil Class Action Settlement, have a look at this particular freebie they have available. This link is only available to a select few people, so click and make sure you’re in time to get yours. All you have to do is follow the instructions and you can claim the product – no strings attached. If you love free samples, you’ll find… Read Article →

Posted on: 2019-08-01

Free $6 Credit From GAP!

Class Members include those who purchased items either in-person or online from a Gap Outlet, Gap Factory Store, or Banana Republic Factory Store from May 24, 2010 through May 10, 2019. If you made a purchase less than $90, then no receipt or proof of purchase is required and you should receive a purchase certificate valid for $6 for any purchase or off any purchase (no minimum purchase required). If… Read Article →

Posted on: 2019-07-25

Free $125 From Equifax Breach Settlement! (No Proof Needed)

According to the Equifax data breach class action settlement website, Class Members are eligible for free credit monitoring or a $125 cash payment, if the Class Member already has credit monitoring services that will continue for at least six more months. In this benefit, four years of three-bureau credit monitoring are offered through Experian, and up to six more years of free one-bureau credit monitoring are offered through Equifax.Please follow… Read Article →

Posted on: 2019-05-07

Free $10 From Good Health Natural Products Settlement!

Good Health Natural Products, LLC has agreed to pay $1 million to settle a class action lawsuit alleging the company mislabels its snacks as “Natural,” when they actually contain artificial ingredients. If you purchased Good Health® brand snacks, such as popcorn, pretzels, chips, crisps, and vegetable rings, chips, stix or straws, between Sept. 6, 2010 and March 7, 2019, you could get $1 per product from this class action settlement…. Read Article →

Posted on: 2019-05-05

$$$ From New Balance Shoes Class Action Settlement (No Proof Of Purchase Needed)

If you purchased New Balance shoes with a “Made in the USA” label between Dec. 27, 2012 through Jan. 24, 2019 in California, you could get up to $10 per pair from this class action settlement. Under the terms of the class action settlement, New Balance will pay Class Members who provide proof of purchase with up to $10 per pair of eligible shoes for up to five pairs per… Read Article →