Posted on: 2018-01-20

Queen’s Heart (Arthurian Nights Book 2)

Queen's Heart (Arthurian Nights Book 2)
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Queen’s Heart (Arthurian Nights Book 2)
A sexy historical fantasy. Includes M/F, M/M and MMF.As if Yseult’s life weren’t complicated enough…The mysterious harper with the sculpted body of a god who she heals of a poisoned wound is actually a nephew of King Mark of Cornwall. He’s the renowned knight, Tristan, and he harbors a dark and deadly secret.When Yseult’s father gives her to the aging King Mark in a marriage of convenience, a love spell meant to ease her heart goes awry, bonding her and Tristan instead.Meanwhile, one of the fae — a shifter who runs with The Wild Hunt — has been cursed to live as a man until he can capture the heart of a human queen. Falling helplessly in love with Yseult, he becomes Tristan’s greatest friend — and greatest rival.Caught between the despair of the king she’s married to, the knight who’s sworn to her, and the fae who will have her at any cost, is Yseult destined to lose no matter which man wins?

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Queen's Heart (Arthurian Nights Book 2)