Posted on: 2018-01-13

Nobody’s Angel

Nobody's Angel
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Nobody’s Angel
If you enjoyed Terry McMillan’s Waiting to Exhale or Ernessa T. Carter’s 32 Candles, you’ll love Nobody’s Angel. From the author of the acclaimed memoir To Hair and Back: My Journey Toward Self-love One Strand at a Time, comes a dazzling new novel about love and friendship.Regina Kelly has been married to her best friend for ten years. Her marriage hits a speed bump when Daniel becomes physically impaired and no conventional solution will help him. Yearning for connection, Regina embarks on an affair that turns dangerous… In her time of weakness, can she depend on her husband to always have her back? Macy Sullivan has found the love of her life. Eric is everything she’s ever wanted in a man and his twelve-year-old daughter, Chloe, is the daughter she never had. She suspects the only thing holding Eric back from proposing is the extra weight she carries. Macy is determined to do whatever she has to do to get to the altar. But will the price for creating the perfect family be higher than she’s willing to pay? Shawna Stewart is the sole caretaker for her bitter, ailing mother. And she hates every second it. But what can she do? If it weren’t for her life choices, Shawna’s father would still be alive. Shawna owes her mother a debt she can never repay. Then Shawna meets Nick, who causes her to consider if perhaps the person she should be taking of is herself. But when he discovers the truth about her, will he ultimately determine that she’s better off alone?One mistake…One betrayal…One death…Can change everything.

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Nobody's Angel